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Staff: Ed Carlton - In Person
Service:John of God Crystal Light Bed Healing with Ed Carlton change

Please join us for a John of God crystal light bed healing session. The session under the John of God Crystal Light Bed is 45-55 minutes. 


To prepare for the session:  For the best results, the Spirit Doctors request you wear white or light colored clothing, simply maintain an attitude of openness, receptivity, and create a clear mind. Remember for all healings 50% is performed spiritually. This requires the additional 50% of your input to finish the healing. Clearing and balancing the spiritual bodies is helpful in all spiritual healing. Take time before your session for at least a quiet reflection of prayer or meditation. It is also helpful, but not essential, that you form a specific intention or prayer of what you want help with. Think of all things for yourself you need assistance with; this is your mental body. Think of all emotions and interactions with others you need assistance with; is our emotional body. Then think of the healing intentions for your physical DNA body. The John of God Crystal Light Bed is an advanced chromatic healing therapy that uses rainbow colored light beams focused on the body through seven very pure quartz crystals. These crystals are born in a bed of water deep beneath the earth in Brazil...then sculpted under a waterfall…and are specially chosen by John Of God Casa de Dom Inacio who authorizes the Light Bed for use by select, trained therapists. The rainbow lights create a powerful combination of vibrational energies that resonate with and balance the subtle energy centers called Koshas (the aura). The chakras are also cleared and balanced to address many physical, emotional, and other concerns.  A healing session is 60 minutes long and consists of lying under the crystals while the alternating color lights produce a balancing effect on your subtle body. Meditative music is played to assist the body to relax and receive the maximum effect. Many recipients report wonderful results after just one session. Cost for the session is $100.00.  For additional information on Crystal Bed Healing:

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