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Service:Merilyn's Phone/Video Chat Reading (30 minutes) change

Payment is due before reading.

Every psychic's ability is different, just like everyone's personality is different.  I connect predominately through clairvoyance and claircognizance (psychic seeing and psychic knowing).  The reading will consist of us sitting down and getting to know each other a little bit. Then I will connect to your energy and meet your guides, angels, and anyone else who wishes to come through.  I ask that only the highest vibration spirits of light and love come through to deliver messages of wisdom.  Raising my vibration also keeps lower vibration energies from getting through.  Sometimes an ancestor or past one loved one may come through.  In this case please remember that they have a higher perspective now and what once was important to them in the physical world may no longer be.  
Once i have delivered the messages from your guides and soul group, if there is still time, I will open it up to you to ask any specific questions you would like to ask.  At the end, I like to close to my readings by expressing gratitude and appreciation for the wisdom and love shared and asking for them to continue to guide and protect us as we continue along our path.

Staff: No preference, Merilyn Coffey, Merilyn Coffey- Phone Session
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