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Service:Frequency Flow Sound Healing change

Experience the energetic sound and frequency with Ed Carlton and Chris O'Donnell. as they infuse their divine gifts into one powerful force, to assist you in deep healing and inner transformation.

Chris' unique talents as a healer and musician uses the frequency of the sound instruments as the central healing tools.

The Channeled Energy work, simultaneously provided through Psychic Medium Ed is well known and quite powerful in addressing all levels of one’s being. It is focused on consciousness and vibrational matter in nature.

By simultaneously working together, these methods complement and enhance each other, so what is released can be lifted, and what remains empty can be filled with healing light. Together they use powerful beats from drums, waves from didgeridoos, singing bowls, ocean drum, chimes and rattles, to facilitate deep cleansing, spiritual work, and restoration as needed.

This approach has been described in the quantum physics literature as accessing the unseen states and possibilities to help manifest a change from what is currently showing itself. This involves consciousness development on the Soul level, as well as support for the physical issues needing healing, since the two are often related.

It is the realm of the Angels and the Divine with which Ed connects, opening up the possibilities of what can happen through an energetic bridge between their realm and our tangible world. People experiencing Ed’s channeled energy work often describe cleansing and calming celestial experiences and encounters, with powerful insights and revelations, leading to positive results.

Chris' years of experience as a massage therapist and healer has allowed him to grow into a master of energy, sound and vibration.

$15 for this incredible opportunity. Reserve your spot ahead of time or purchase at door. First come, first serve. Space is limited

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